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    Let me share my personal journey, I am a former warrior by trade turned healer of the heart. My big dreams were flying, travel, and foreign culture. After more than two decades of working in a fast-paced, high stress career in the aerospace industry where I was used to pushing myself beyond my limits and surviving instead of thriving, I needed a lifestyle change. I needed work-life balance. I trusted my doctor and I was given the gold-standard, one-size fits all treatment, which turned into a nightmare, brought my quality of life to zero, and left me struggling in mind, body, and soul. I wasn't able to finish my master's program. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, devalued, hopeless, and like a failure. Modern lifestyles are often met with quick, band-aid fixes that don’t address the root cause of the issue. But my struggles didn’t end there. The transition to a new lifestyle came with a different type of stress, stepping outside my comfort zone, and entering into the unknown. Support services were limited and focused on a one-size fits all approach. Forcing someone to live a lifestyle that doesn't support health, skillset, talent, passion, and purpose doesn’t work. I felt a loss of passion and purpose which left me depressed and isolated. I was also struggling with severe chronic fatigue. The top things that deplete energy reserves are lifestyle, stress, thoughts, patterns, blocks, and toxic exposures. I went from helping others to finding myself stuck in the tangle of life. An opportunity to learn presented itself so I embarked on a mission to get unstuck.
    Disclaimer and Transparency: We do not promote real utopias! We promote, balance, alignment, polarity, and value-driven coaching. We employ use of marketing and a rhetorical device, a metaphor with the name Elysian Dream. Diamonds are also used as a metaphor. Real life has a lot of facets to it! By using this website, reading its contents, or using services you consent to a release of liability of Elysian Dream and its founder. I want you to have access to services and tools that make a cosmic difference in healing and quality of life so you can learn how to get unstuck, shift into the flow, and create what you want. You can learn to create a life you won't have to daydream about escaping from. What is Elysian Dream? "Elysian Dream is a magical transformational dreamscape where adorned warriors can take a journey as the artist of their dreams; where their precious dreams crystallize with the Elysian Dream philosopher's stone, Diamond Rain and Diamond Dreams to become Heroes and Heroines. ™" Elysian Fields in ancient Greek literature and sacred texts is a "heavenly, blissful, peaceful paradise with crystal streams, waterfalls, rainbows, lush gardens, and Diamond Dreams and Diamond Rain ™ where brave souls can embark on an inward hero / heroine's journey to unlock the treasure within their hearts.” Elysian Dream takes a Promethean approach to coaching - “boldly original, innovative, willing to take risks in order to create new things and do things in new ways.” “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” - Paulo Coelho In my former 24-year career where I trained, led, and coached individuals and teams in the Air Force and Civil Service I was trained to provide a minimum of three solutions for any given problem. That propelled me forward to start my business journey. My background opened up an opportunity to work as a treater and director at a civilian clinic employing cutting-edge technology to heal people suffering from depression and anxiety. Continuing my research and seeking new experiences, I volunteered and provided support for homeless veterans and other high-risk populations. I began writing and hosting creative journey visualizations for support groups. I began working with other artists in the Southwest and created dreamscapes, canvas, and 3d art. I also learned metalsmithing, fabrication, and artistic design. Next, I explored the Toltec way of life. The Toltec society is an ancient community of warriors and dreamers who left a legacy of Spirituality, Science, and the Arts. Interesting intersections from earth-life sciences and Ancient Wisdom presented hidden solutions to modern problems in all facets of life: finances and prosperity, business, health, physical environment, social life and romance, fun and recreation, learning, and spiritual growth. Exploring, experiencing, and researching the world of dreaming, science, art, and spirituality led me to creation of Elysian Dream so I could bring you the best resources and tools available.
    You have two choices: stay stuck and suffer or try a new path. Let’s face it. Chaos is an unavoidable fact of life and catalyst for growth. But the stress that accompanies chaos and disrupts your life doesn’t have to become a permanent way of living. There is way to get out of the tangle and back into the flowing spiral of life and even find happiness, peace, and joy. “You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.” – Rumi. What if chaos is an invitation to learn, grow, and develop rock-solid resilience? What if your greatest gift is in your experience? What if you viewed chaos as wisdom instead of the polarity of good and bad? The alchemy of an inner journey gives you access to the mystery of your subconscious mind, personal freedom, self-mastery, and increased energy from the things that hold you back: doubt, fear, patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs, or core issues. You can turn chaos into an opportunity that leads you to a high-quality life, connection with intuition, freedom, harmony, hope, happiness, joy, healing, limitless living, high energy, passion, power, purpose, potential, conscious awareness, clarity, peace, authenticity, and more.
    The Divine Truth is that YOU are valuable and worthy. You deserve to live a high-quality life and feel fulfilled in your dreams. Diamond Dreams and Diamond Rain™ combined are the "Elysian Dream Philosopher's Stone.™" They are signature programs developed from breakthroughs in research, Ancient Wisdom, my professional background, training, and life experience. My unique approach is holistic and fulfills areas of mind, body, and soul and is customizable to each client’s desires and needs. Elysian Dream™ values you and your dreams like fine diamonds and provides services that give you a quantifiable return for a minimal investment. I take you on a journey from being a diamond in the rough to a luxurious, refined, beautiful, polished gem. You receive tenfold value with your inner transformation and the advantageous edge that you bring into your community and world. Now that is a priceless opportunity! You can choose from a variety of plans, courses, and workshops. A sliding scale is available. Are you ready to create a life you love?
    Elysian Dream™ can help you: There is always something more to life than just existing every day to repeat the cycle of work and sleep. It's easy to stay at the awareness we were conditioned into and live the stories of other people. It is when we transcend the superficial and explore our inner worlds to find deeper meaning and purpose. It takes a little bit of work and it's a self-discovery process and unveiling of authenticity and truth. "One-third of your life is spent working, that is about 25-30 years. Fifty-seven percent of workers feel stressed and 60% report feeling emotionally detached." Do you imagine having a career that supports who you are at your core, want to make a difference in the world, or are wondering how to form a business with your unique brand? What do you want your story to be? Have you lost your passion or are trying to find it? The archetypal image imprinted in the minds of the masses is an image of a male hero, one that excludes a feminine hero. It is easier to sell novels, games, and other items when the protagonist is a male hero. Women coming from certain industries also face employment challenges, thus economic survival issues because they are excluded from hiring, recognition, or promotion due to this negative "brand." Together we can change the dynamic of the unrepresented and underserved with voice, story, and visibility. You can help change the narrative by submitting your story to our Elysian Dream Hero/Heroine's Journey for Warriors Project.™ Who is a hero / heroine: YOU! Come and take an inner transformative journey with Elysian Dream, be HEARD, and tell YOUR STORY. Are you worth more but settling for breadcrumbs? Would you like to find your voice and ask for what you're worth? Despite accomplishments and credentials do you feel like you are a fraud or phony? Statistics reflect that up to 70% of people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Does it feel like you're on a treadmill of work-life balance? Are you trying to reinvent yourself or transition into a new career, lifestyle, or retirement? Switching industries can be tricky, but not impossible. Are you living your dream but need a boost of élan that will leave you with a distinctive sense of energy, enthusiasm, polish, style, and flair. Do you love your job but feel limited by a glass ceiling? Did they leave you dangling from a glass cliff? Do you want to learn how to break the barriers? Are you hanging on by a thread trying to survive a toxic environment and need an exit strategy? Is your workplace a warzone or working in a highly competitive field? Would you like to learn how to survive and thrive? "Workplace bullying spans industries and the statistics show 30% of American workers are bullied at work, 79.3 million workers are affected, 61.3% are the same gender, and 43% are remote workers." Need a lifeline to recover your health and energy?
    A coach does not tell you what to do or what to think but helps you find your best solution and co-creates your desired outcome with you. Coaching is not counseling, diagnosis, or medical treatment. Coaching works with the present and is future oriented. A few examples of what I help clients with as a coach are developing your potential, helping you with a work promotion, confidence, professional image, exploring careers, technical documents, interview skills, helping you find your purpose and passion, workplace strategies, and helping with critical thinking, analytical thinking, creative thinking or other types of thought. Certified professional coaches have made an investment of time and money to complete extensive training and learn proven methodology and coaching core competencies. They must meet stringent competency criteria, ethics requirements, and testing as part of their certification process to ensure clients get a top rate service. You are guaranteed client confidentiality and clear agreements. The training and coaching industry is not regulated but due to industry issues that may change. The online world is not always transparent. It is the duty of each client to ask about certifications and qualifications. Coaching is not advice giving, consulting, teaching, or training. I guide you to your best answers. Courses offered by Elysian Dream are designed to help you find your best answer and come with certified coaching support. WHAT IS LIFE DESIGN? Life Design is a creative, iterative, human-centered problem-solving methodology that can be applied to navigate change and transition throughout life. Drawing from fields of career education, psychology, and design thinking, life design skills can be applied again and again as individuals navigate change and transition throughout life. (Tulane University)
    Disclaimer and Transparency: By using this website, reading its contents, or using services you consent to a release of liability of Elysian Dream and its founder. We believe in the balance of polarities. We employ the use of marketing, creative invention, and a rhetorical device, a metaphor with the name Elysian Dream™ to help clients who want more to maximize their human potential and live in alignment with their values. Diamonds are also used as a metaphor for transformation and value. Real life has a lot of facets to it and there is no such thing as flawed or perfect, but perhaps a spot in-between. In the professional coaching you receive you are not told what to think or do! You will be guided to find answers from within that are the right solutions for you. We do not impose our personal beliefs on clients. We offer spirituality coaching as many clients find it important to include spirituality in their career journey. We do not tell clients what to believe in regard to faith or spirituality. We are open to the diversity of all faiths and spiritual beliefs. While some clients bring a prayer from their personal practice to share, others want to explore that aspect of their lives in relationship to their values and beliefs. There are some aspects of spirituality that we share upon request such as Toltec tools or the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, etc. This is popular with women in male-dominated environments, and men too. This is about energy, not how one chooses to identify. We offer the course ARTIST OF DREAMS: WHERE YOU DREAM AND IT BECOMES™ for clients who are interested in learning about their nighttime dreams. Clients will learn about the history of dreaming and how they can decode their dreams. We do not offer personal dream interpretation, analysis, or advice in our coaching. This course in not counseling or medical care. The instructor holds a certification in 'Dreams' to teach this course. Narrative coaching is just one of many methods that I employ in coaching. I also wanted to move away from technical writing into the world of creative writing. Sometimes we have to redefine our dreams and values. I am living proof that you can have it all and lose it all and that you can fall hard and get up. I am known for tenacity and refusing to stay in the box. I am passionate about helping clients by asking them tough questions that enable them to find their solutions so they can live the life they envision. Inquiries regarding Elysian Dream™ may be emailed to Please allow 48 hours for a response.


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