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The mission of Elysian Dream™ is to provide a Promethean alternative to mainstream one-size fits all, temporary fixes by offering cutting-edge techniques paired with Ancient Wisdom to address core issues and offer sustainable solutions that empower clients to actualize their dreams and lead a high-quality lifestyle.



"A magical, transformational dreamscape where adorned warriors take a Hero /
Heroine's journey as the artist of their dreams.

Where your precious dreams crystallize with Diamond Rain and Diamond Dreams, the Elysian Dream philosopher's stone." 



Elysian Dream™ is a place to ‘come home’ and take an inward journey to manifest the life of your dreams.

Voice, visibility, story, and social change.

The freedom to dream and create is as critical to life as breathing air. 

Heart-centered practices with transparency, humility, compassion, empathy, and sustainable results.

Living a limitless, high-quality lifestyle with abundant energy.

Finding confidence, peace, happiness, healing, and joy.

Living a life of authenticity, passion, power, and purpose.

Fulfillment in vocation.

Development of intuition, conscious awareness, clarity, and potential.

Illumination and resolution of doubt, fear, patterns, blocks, and core issues.

Investment in human capital: belonging, connection, voice, and problem-solving.


Connection to a higher power.


Hello there! I'm Georgia Lee Arts



Transformational Depth Coach and thought trainer who specializes in Dream Life Design, Personal Journey’s and Stories, Dream & Healing Journey's, Dream Group Facilitation, and Life Transitions. 


Let’s face it, change and transition can be scary and leave you feeling stuck.  I’m like a personal tour guide who accompanies you on a hero / heroine’s journey deep into your heart and inspires you to find courage, confidence, and a sense of adventure as you navigate, explore, and discover.  I guide you safely, expertly, and with compassion through the tangle of chaos to clarity.  I will help you tap into your intuition to master the fine art of creativity and dreaming.  What emerges at journey’s end is an authentic, original, one-of-a-kind, priceless masterpiece.

My #1 passion is helping people achieve a sense of balance in their lives and realize their dreams, big or small.  I have more than 30 years of experience in helping people with life design: finding their path and career, overcoming obstacles, realizing potential, and living their dreams.  Life transitions usually come with personal development and growth which can feel like a giant tangled knot.  



I’m people fluid - I’ve worked with civilians, veterans, and military personnel from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 


With over three decades of leadership, training, and coaching experience I guide you expertly, professionally, safely, and always with heart to unlock your unique inner wisdom, truth, and gifts.  


Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified Energy Coach (CEC), Certified Spirituality Coach (CSC) with Artist of the Spirit - training with Diana Adkins - lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz.


Certified rTMS provider (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).  Former Director and Treater at a clinic.  Worked with a team of neurologists and psychiatrists to treat patients with (rTMS) – a form of energy healing for patients suffering from depression and anxiety.  Coached and mentored staff to assume leadership positions, assisted with organizational solutions and development.  Affiliate services to recruit physicians.


Co-host for a group supporting victims of abuse and violence.  Wrote and synched creative healing journeys to music. 


Taught Transformational Storytelling.


Non-Profit board of directors and marketing.


Developed the Phoenix Heart Program.©

Journey to Elysium© play.

Blissful Warrior© poem.


Aerospace Industry:  operations (flying, satellite command and control), leadership, training, coaching individuals and teams (performance, mindset, professional development, success, confidence, motivation, grit, perseverance, mental toughness, career discovery, career development and progression, skill assessment and development, training needs assessment, career transition, life design, leadership, fitness, finances, personal problems, conflict resolution).  Design thinking, corporate training consultations, inspections, college liaison, instructional systems design, on-the-job training, technical writing, program development and management, change management, taught: Instructional Systems Development (ISD), Objectives and Tests, Basic Counseling, Train the Trainer; co-taught Instructor Certification and Joint Space Operations Fundamentals.


Formal Education:  B.A. English, A.A.S. Air and Space Science, A.A.S. Education & Training Management, A.S. Information Processing, Formal (in-residence) Leadership Schools.  


Additional classes in Marketing (+4), Creative Writing (+6), Transmedia Storytelling, and Aboriginal Worldviews. Former Psychology/Sociology Major + studies:  Major Depression in the Population, immersion in Psychology of Environmental Stress in Evasion and Recovery, Personalities at Work, Transpersonal Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dark Triad studies, Dream Certification, and more! 


Let’s Dream Together

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