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“Georgia was a wonderful coach in my time with her.  She had many tools in her coaching toolbox to help me understand various things I was dealing with.  I was not enthusiastic about using a couple of the tools but I trusted her and used them anyway, and my opinion was turned around!  The use of the tools and her helping me to talk through the results really opened up some deeper understanding for me.  She also kept me on track with my “homework” or actions that I agreed to and also helped me to dig deeper when I hit resistance.  And she did all of that with no judgement.  Georgia never made me feel that I wasn’t moving forward and she accomplished that by holding a kind, loving space for me to work through some things for which I needed help.  Her guidance was, and is, invaluable to me.”

- Donna C

"Before I met Georgia, I was afraid I was going to fail so I didn’t try.  She helped me get to the bottom of my issue and move forward with confidence.  It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted."

- Dani P.

"I was in a rut and unhappy.  She helped me understand why I was in the rut and figure out what I needed to do to get to a happier place."

- Sonia

"I felt like life was passing me by from working long hours and trying to take care of everyone else but myself.  Georgia was creative in ways to help me get to the core of who I am.  The dreamscape and dream journey were otherworldy!  I made a successful switch to a career that supports my health and my personality.  My husband and kids are happier too."

- Joni

"She helped me shift from a disaster mind to changing my thinking patterns.  I have more peace and energy and can stay focused on the things that are important."

- Lisa

"Georgia helped me improve my communication skills and performance.  Thanks to her I got promoted."

- Steve

"My job is my #1 source of stress and it is impacting my health and happiness.  She helped me understand that the only person I can change is myself and that the nature of toxic environments likely won’t improve.  She provided education and resources.  Thanks to Georgia I started documenting the behavior and researching my rights.  I now have a plan to exit gracefully.  She truly cares!"

- Anonymous

"Beautiful experience!  Elysian Dream has the natural ability to unlock what needs to be healed.  Thank You!"

- Lea C.


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