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The #1 regret people have is that they did not live the life of their dreams.  Time is running out!  Get scheduled NOW!  T-00:00:01
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SHARE YOUR STORY!  (for adults)


Join a retired, seasoned, 24-year aerospace industry Space Coach on an incredible journey into CAREER WELLNESS.  

Elysian history:

In Greek mythology "Elysian" is an exclusive, blissful, peaceful paradise where heroes (and heroines) go after a lengthy battle to find peace.  Within the world of Elysian is a place called the Land of Dreams.  We use Elysian Dream as a creative metaphor to remind people to align their lives so they can truly enjoy life.  


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This is a community building Out-of-the-Box podcast about:

The Heroic Discourse -

"Transformational Dreams - Where Warriors Take a Hero/Heroine's Journey - Artist of Dreams" TM  (A division of our Hero/Heroine's Journey Storytelling Project)

Launching Your Dreams

Career Challenges

Career and Life Alignment

Passion, Purpose, Potential


Transcending Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty

Barriers to Success

The Glass Ceiling

Career-Health and Well-Being

Voice, Visibility, Recognition

Life and Career Transition Issues

Competition vs. Collaboration

The Rabbit Hole (toxic jobs)

The Dynamic Landscape of Roles

The Collective Narrative

"Where your Precious Dreams Crystallize" TM

My passion is helping people get “out-of-the box” so they can realize their big dreams and live an amazing life.

Elysian Dream also supports teenagers in career discovery.  We guest teach Space Science to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) exploration.

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