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Updated: May 9

By Georgia Lee Arts

February 15, 2024


February 15 marks Love Reset Day, immediately following Valentine's Day. It is a moment to reflect, especially for employees who, much like in a new relationship, find the initial passion of their job fading, leaving work less fulfilling than it once was. But how can this spark be reignited?


One potent tool in rebuilding rapport and strengthening relationships is the art of mirroring. By reflecting with others in their love language, trust is fostered, and connections deepen, as individuals feel genuinely heard, understood, and validated.


Love languages, as a mode of communication, possess transformative potential within business and workplace dynamics. Now is the ideal time to pinpoint the love languages prevalent among employees or customers in your workspace, fostering better relationships and cultivating a positive work environment. Understanding the primary and secondary love languages of individuals is crucial in this endeavor.


Nurturing workplace well-being through appreciation and recognition is paramount in inspiring high-performance teams and ensuring employee or customer retention. Love languages hold the capacity to even transform challenging employees or customers.


Similar to the uniqueness of each individual's personality, everyone possesses a distinct love language style that makes them feel valued. For instance, if someone's love language is Words of Affirmation, simply hosting a company luncheon may not resonate as deeply with them as hearing direct praise for their achievements.


Words of Affirmation:


Expressing phrases like "great job!" or "way to go!" for accomplishments encourages continued productivity. It is about highlighting successes during performance feedback reviews.


Acts of Service:


This entails taking tangible actions to make someone's job easier or enhance the value of services provided. It involves showing up, making meaningful gestures, and offering support, such as completing tasks before deadlines or running errands.


Quality Time:


Individuals valuing quality time in relationships prioritize meaningful moments with colleagues, seeking genuine connection beyond job descriptions and daily tasks. Facilitate team-building events, gatherings, and one-on-one interactions to foster this connection.


Receiving Gifts:


Personalize gestures to make them meaningful, whether it is movie tickets, a birthday cake, or a holiday gift exchange, demonstrating thoughtfulness and appreciation.



Physical Touch:


Exercise caution here, as not everyone is comfortable with physical contact. Be mindful of physical cues, respect boundaries, and inquire about preferences. Appropriate gestures may include fist bumps, handshakes, or high-fives.


By leveraging love languages, workplaces can create an environment where individuals feel seen, valued, and understood, ultimately leading to enhanced relationships, increased satisfaction, and improved performance. As Love Reset Day passes, let us commit to reigniting the workplace spark through meaningful connections and appreciation in the language that speaks loudest to each individual.


Add “The 5 Love Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” by Gary Chapman to your professional reading list and watch the sparks fly!

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