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August 21, 2023

Article by Georgia Lee Arts

Asphodel, Narcissus Flowers

How can your dreams turn into a nightmare? Your doctor thinks that you said, “I had a nightmare and sleepwalked to my garden and fell into a hole. I was chasing a charming, white petticoated rabbit with twitching whiskers and a fluffy tail through a fantastic wonderland. I drank the potion and suddenly I was 10 feet tall. Have you seen him?”

What you actually said was, “doctor, I have indigestion and a stomachache. I’m in the middle of a career transition because the shift work is taking a toll on me. I’m working on my master’s degree and planning a family.” Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, and protector of The Matrix disappears to consult the dark grimoire of obscure cures, and returns with a glimmer and smile, chanting magical incantations along with a prescription for “the blue pill.”


Let’s spend a moment in the twilight zone. In follow up visits both the doctor and pharmacist deny any side effects and magically you have new medical conditions, and your name is now “Alice” who is on the run from the Mad Hatter and the Chesire Cat. Your processing functions have been disabled due to “medication spellbinding.” I might mention that you should keep your thoughts to yourself. The more questions you ask, the more candy you get! Red pill or blue pill?

The red pill. When is the last time you took your car to the junkyard to be demolished instead of to a service station for routine maintenance? The question is as ridiculous as the truth. Let’s consider the untold stories of 40,000-80,000 patients who died due to medical mistakes. “First, Do No Harm” is a Hippocratic Oath that medical professionals take. How can things go wrong?



“Up until 1993, women were excluded from clinical research and trials – a fact that has had a serious, continual impact on women’s health today.” While clinical research dates back all the way to Biblical times, the first randomized control trial was carried out in the 1940s. Men were treated as the “medical norm” until 1993. The NIH Revitalization Act mandated the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical trials. A few reasons for exclusion are bias and assumption. 1


Women are more likely to wait longer for a health diagnosis and to be told it’s ‘all in their heads.’ That can be lethal: diagnostic errors cause 40,000-80,000 deaths in the US alone. One of the most pervasive implicit biases in the medical system regards gender. The tendency to attribute women’s physical complaints to mental illness has roots in the word ‘hysteria’ – that mythical female disorder….has remained alive and well in medicine. 2

Let’s follow the money. Many holistic, European and Native American cures, and good old-fashioned advice were eliminated with Alex Flexner’s report to Congress in 1910. He was a contractor for Rockefeller. “There was maldevelopment in the structure of medical education in America in the aftermath of the Flexner Report. The profession’s infatuation with the hyper-rational world of German medicine created an excellence in science that was not balanced by a comparable excellence in clinical caring.” 3 While standardization of allopathic medical care has some valid points, the motives for complete control, elimination of competition, and monopoly of the medical system have eliminated common sense and replaced it with the gold-standard of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

In archetypal and marketing psychology doctors fall under the magician archetype. Other names for magician may be wizard, shaman, alchemist, or healer. Many doctors are benevolent, competent, and empathic. There is also the dark side of this archetype. This is seen when the doctor puts personal power and control over ethical responsibility and loses sight of implications. The dark side takes on characteristics of deception, self-interest, pride, egotism, vanity, and exploitation of patients. This is also known as the “dark triad” of personality characteristics which are Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. 4 Doctors with a tendency toward the “dark triad” traits think they can’t have a Wizard of Oz ending with exposure. The oldest motivators in human history are money, sex, and power. Pharmaceuticals and doctors can afford to hire top attorneys, obfuscate, and mislead consumers, and hide behind the curtain of power and money despite Nuremberg Laws.

I am a lucky survivor of the magical wizardry of hysteria bias, mis prescribing, no informed consent, then falsified informed consent, cognitive dissonance with medical gaslighting, patient abandonment, falsified records, medical codependency to guarantee a lifetime of co-pays and insurance payouts, and near death. It was like being on a battlefield with an unseen enemy. A single doctor, of dozens, had the ethos to stand up and called my medical care “criminal.” My mission is raising awareness and consciousness, education, advocacy, voice, storytelling for change, and helping clients on their life journeys and transitions. Every person deserves to live the high-quality lifestyle that they envision in their dreams.


You have the right to request copies of your medical records. There are good doctors, but they are busy and human so sometimes errors are made. Reviewing your records periodically can save your life. You can request a records correction by submitting a letter to your doctor or to the records department of your clinic or hospital. Always verify the changes were made. Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to fire your doctor. Research your conditions and prescriptions. The prescribing information that is given to patients is limited.

Elysian Dream specializes in Dream Life Design / Career Transition / Journeys and Stories. We also offer Dream Journeys and Healing Journeys.

Help Elysian Dream expose the dark so it too may come to the light. The darkest of souls do not seek treatment, truth, change, or healing. Finding peace within can lead humanity to a higher plane of being. Together we can change the narrative. SUBMIT your story to the Asphodel, Narcissus Project ™ which is a subdivision of our Elysian Dream Hero/Heroine's Journey for Warriors™ Project.


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